We all know that smoking adversely affects your health.  Whether it’s the fear of serious illness or even death (tobacco is killing around 7 million people each year, while a million deaths are due to non-smokers being exposed to second hand smoke). Or it may be that you’re suffering from a shortness of breath after physical exertion or you’ve noticed a persistent sore throat.


Or perhaps other factors concern you such as the growing cost of maintaining this habit, or you’re fed up with the lingering smell of smoke on your clothes and hair, or you’d like to have healthier skin. Or maybe you’re just fed up having to smoke away from public places like bars and restaurants.

We all know the negatives of smoking - so why can’t people just quit?

The problem is Nicotine addiction. Daily habits such as waking up in the morning, driving, meal times, meeting friends for drinks and stress are all unconsciously associated with the craving for a cigarette.  For example, reaching for a cigarette might be your automatic ‘go to’ as a stress reliever - this is your stimuli, causing your unconscious mind to react automatically. It recognises the association of stress as a signal to have a cigarette to help you cope with the situation. This is your unconscious mind’s automatic response (It is thought that 90% of our thoughts are unconscious).

So how does hypnotherapy work?

Smoking, like all habits, is controlled by the unconscious mind.

Throughout your period of smoking, your unconscious mind is programmed to believe that smoking has in some ways been beneficial to you - it has a positive intention.  Perhaps it’s made you feel that you fitted in to a social group, making you feel confident or helps you control your weight by distracting you from overeating, or you believe it helps to relieve stress.  But there are much healthier ways of achieving this.

The key to eliminating this automatic unconscious response to these triggers is to use hypnotherapy to quit smoking.  It is possible to stop smoking through self- hypnosis. By using self-hypnosis we are able to target the unconscious mind, as in this state of deep relaxation it is more open to new ideas and suggestions.  Hypnotherapy is able to reframe these unconscious thoughts by changing this automatic response, meaning you will no longer experience the cravings for a cigarette. Your unconscious mind will be re-programmed to change your feelings, thoughts, behaviours and beliefs to re-establish this new positive intention, allowing you to create healthier habits and following this new vision of how you’d like your future to be, without the need for cigarettes.

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