Cognitive hypnotherapy can help you to let go of limiting beliefs to help you improve your life and enjoy lasting results.

Would You Like To Feel  . . .

Calm, relaxed and in control

Looking for the positive in life

Feel more connected, create healthy boundaries and enjoy healthier relationships

Be authentic, trusting your own instincts

Increased self-confidence, self-worth and assertiveness

Greater mind-body connection


Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you to feel better equipped to deal with what life throws at you, helping you to feel calm, relaxed and positive.  It can help with a variety of issues:

Anxiety, Stress, OCD, Fear of Exams, Panic Attacks, Depression

Easibirthing Hypnobirthing

Low Self- confidence or Poor Self Esteem

Fear of Public Speaking

Weight Loss, Eating Disorders


'Hypnotherapy For Children' issues include: anxiety, fears and phobias, confidence issues, low self-esteem, bad habits, picky eating, exam nerves, bed wetting, concentration problems

Pain Control

Overcoming Fearful Situations, Phobias

Bad Habits, Addictions, Nail biting, Smoking


If your issue is not listed here, please enquire.

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