With the New Year looming, some of us may be thinking about resolutions, making positive changes in our lives, but even with the best of intentions they can be difficult to keep.


In times of adversary it’s easy to revert to our old habits and thinking patterns.  We convince ourselves that one doughnut or one cigarette won’t hurt, but this can lead us down the same old slippery slope to failure.  Or maybe, we just give up too soon, having followed a healthy eating and exercise regime, but don’t lose any weight, with the result being we remain stuck.

The thing is, if we keep on feeling, doing and thinking the same way, we’ll end up with the same result.  Hypnotherapy helps us to change the way we respond to events, creating new patterns of thinking, allowing us to move forwards to achieve our goals.  Through hypnosis new neural pathways are created to make these changes and motivate us to stick to our resolutions, whether it’s losing weight, stopping smoking or maybe just creating calmer, relaxed thought patterns which can alleviate our anxiety.

Some people are too afraid of failure to even bother making resolutions; if this sounds like you then hypnosis can help you focus on your goals, boosting your motivation and confidence to achieve your resolutions.

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