No, certainly not.  You cannot be made to do anything during hypnosis that is against your will.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, my role is to help you achieve it, but it is ultimately your choice whether or not to enter that relaxing state.  I will make sure you completely understand the process of hypnosis before we begin and we will proceed when you feel ready.

No, during hypnosis you will go into trance, but this isn’t some mystical experience, it is something that we experience every day, such as when we focus on a television programme or when we’re driving a car, and feel we have made a journey on ‘automatic pilot’.

Yes of course, hypnosis is similar to day-dreaming, so you can break the trance whenever you want to.

No, hypnotherapy is a collaborative therapy, it isn’t something that I do to you.  Through hypnotherapy I aim to help you take back control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and that entails you working with me to make the changes you want to make in your life.  This means that you will need to put in some work between sessions, by listening to daily recordings, journaling or sometimes being given tasks, which will move you towards your goal.

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