Hello, I’m Vanessa, thanks for visiting my website.

My background is in education, working as a teaching assistant and as a specialist teacher. I have always had an interest in how the mind works and enjoyed reading around the subject. I first came to use hypnotherapy in my early 20’s and found its approach very different from anything else I’d come across and found the experience very positive and empowering, never thinking that in years to come I would become a Cognitive Hypnotherapist myself! Having experienced hypnotherapy’s effect on my own life, I understand that we are all fellow strugglers and that I am not here to judge, just to guide you to utilise your own strengths and resources to make the changes in your life that you’d like. Having decided to train as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I took time to research the best training I could find and I’m very proud to say that I was trained by Trevor Silvester at The Quest Institute, in London.

I am a member of the NCH (National Council of Hypnotherapy) and CNHC (Complimentary and Natural Health Council) and I’m fully insured.


Dip CHyp HPD NLP Prac and CHBP

Why choose me?

Through my career path I have always enjoyed working with people to help them achieve their best. I am a good listener and realise the importance of being non-judgemental and of course confidential, adhering to the GDPR requirements. Through really taking the time to listen to you, and with the aid of specific questioning, I can help you to think differently and based on this, I’ll create a unique treatment plan centred on how you visualise your life differently without your current issue. I will provide you with an individually tailored audio recording of positive suggestions (Wordweaving) to take you towards your goals (these are not generic recordings as offered by many traditional hypnotherapists).



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